Our services encompass both the health and social services needed to ensure the optimal functioning of our Participants, including social services to help with personal and family problems, and planned group therapeutic activities. We also provide nutritional meals (breakfast, lunch and snacks) while the Participant is at the Center. As part of our emphasis on prevention and continuity of care, we provide medical screening, including routine blood pressure checks, and blood sugar monitoring. Physical, occupational and speech therapies, as well as other Nursing services, such as wound care, indicated in the Participant's plan of care can also be furnished at our Center. 

~ Transportation to and from the Center

~ Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks

~ Recreational and Social Activities

~ Arts and Crafts

~ Games (Dominoes, Bingo, Chess, Parcheesi, Bowling and more)

~ Memory Games and Puzzles

~ Music, Singing, Karaoke, Dancing and Movies

~ Light Physical Exercise

~ Birthday and Holiday Celebrations

~ Assistance with Personal Care and Activities of Daily Living

~ Social Work Assistance (applying for food stamps, housing programs, etc.)

~ Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Monitoring

~ Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy*

~ Nursing Services (Wound Care, Medication Administration, etc.*)

*NOTE: Nursing and Therapy Services must first be ordered by Participant's physician and must be a component of the Participant's plan of care (i.e., through home health services) prior to services being furnished at the Center.

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